Chapter 1 - Inception

Hello, I am Jaiseo, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Rose Noir Clothing. This blog will be my perspective of accounts regarding and surrounding Rose Noir.

Rose Noir Clothing is the vision of its founders: Adrish Ahmad (or Ali as his parents prefers to call him) and Abbas Khan, two brilliant trustworthy individuals with exceptional character.

Adrish is a flamboyant individual who continues to pave his own path. In Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, Gromit decisively laydown new tracks against his competition despite the hardships involved.

Now, to explain his flamboyancy … he claims that his spirit animal is the male peacock, and he had a pure white peacock integrated into his wedding cake. Need I say more.

Abbas is quite the opposite; operating under ‘don’t ask don’t tell policy’, he is still a mysterious being even after so many years. I only met his mother this month, and never even seen a photograph of his brother!

Continuing with Wallace and Gromit analogy, he will be the Penguin (except not as evil); the unknown capable individual who executes, and it’s his consistency which gains trust from those around him.

Wallace and Gromit


Picture this: two British Pakistani men in early 20’s, in a shisha (or hookah) lounge, somewhere in London, surrounded by sweet aroma of frozen apple and mint as well as, impeccably dressed (mostly) attractive young people of similar background.

Adrish: Oi Abbas, I want to make shirts for people like me. Truly well fitted shirts for people who work out.

Abbas: Let’s do it.

Narrator: And so it began.

FYI, at the time both of them were at the peak of their physical prowess; Adrish was sculpted like an Ancient Greek statue (it was the Greeks who was first to the male beauty not Romans), and Abbas was benching 120 kg.

Question: "What voice did the narrator have or who was the narrator? The funniest one wins a prize" (dibs on Theoden, The King and Lord of the Mark of Rohan)