Chapter 2 - The Gamble

Welcome to the second installment of the 'How To Start Your Own Brand' article.

This next part of the story is the patchwork of memories.

We were all too busy surviving in this concrete jungle called London: Adrish was a graduate engineer working on JLR electrical harnesses.

Abbas was working at Currys (before it became Currys and PC World, feel old yet?). I was only their mate and was not part of the movement.

The two founders were eager to materialise their vision, they were a vase with no flowers. They created the logo, the slogan, registered the company, trademarked  the brand with the Intellectual Property Office, setup a business account, etc. without any items to sell nor having a supplier - the excitement was real...

Thankfully one of the exercises they did perform well was to write a fully fledged business plan with the next 12 calendar months in their mind. This enabled for a much better understanding of the venture as a whole whilst clearly setting a road-map for their success. 

The founders Googled shirt manufactures in London and found the company Sewport. Sewport had claimed to have produced shirts in the past and despite their ridiculous rates (£16-18 per shirt for a single batch of 400-600) they took a bold step forward in ordering their very first sample shirts.

Adrish was at home scratching his head, Sewport asked Adrish for the shirt dimensions for a particular size. He was not expecting this professional company to ask a newbie such a difficult question; they wanted everything from fit to the location of the logo to allow for 'grading' - a technique used by the garment suppliers to establish all the sizes within a range from a given size. Adrish, hesitantly provided Sewport with the dimensions requested. 

3 weeks flew by and it was the day the sample shirts were coming, to a new brilliant start of Rose Noir.

Adrish unfortunately missed the delivery, his Siren of an EX was pissed with him again for some reason however, this did not dampen his mood one bit.

He went to a FedEx depot, signed for and collected the package, and opened it with Abbas to a - "ohhhh man... WTF is this s**t".

The only mediocre aspect of the shirt was the material which the founders chose... The colour, the fit, the position of logo, the quality of stitching were all so wrong.

This was meant to be the Cohiba of shirts for gym goers, instead they got Sterling: cheap, distasteful, and toxic.

Emails were sent, call attempts were made, and texts were sent over the next week... No reply.

Abbas took the matter to his own hands. He threw the sample shirts into his car and sped to Sewport's office.

What he found was an industrial estate with one reception and multiple offices with a vague presence of Sewport.

Abbas enquired the receptionist about Sewport -

Abbas: Hello, sorry excuse me, could I see someone from Sewport please.

Receptionist: They are usually not in.

Abbas: What do you mean? Is this not where Sewport is?

Receptionist: It is, but usually a guy comes in every few weeks for the mails.

Abbas: Thank you ... (Abbas exits the building)

Anger, sadness, and disappointment but lessons learnt.