Chapter 3 - The Secret

Last chapter ended on a very sombre note, world was not made of flowers and fairies, but what is life without ups and downs huh?

3 months passed, the founders were just ticking along, then Adrish received a Father Sons shirt. He WAS happy with the shirt however, after the first wash it shrunk like spherical objects in cold water.

The Christmas gift reminded him of his vision; reinvigorated that desire to create what he wanted to wear and what he thought people like him would desire. 

After reflecting on their past mistakes, the founders realised how wet behind the ears they were.

They were in the market for a consultant, someone who knew the ins and outs of the trade, someone who could ensure the desired level of success.

The founders learnt their lessons and set out to create another sample shirt, the main contenders were: Mr Alam Faruk (Co-founder and Director of Apparel Axis) and some guy called Ben from somewhere (history only remembers the victors).

Mr Faruk was introduced to Adrish by Abbas, how he finds people is just a god-send-gift.

The first meeting between Apparel Axis and Rose Noir Clothing was between Mr Faruk and Abbas.

Meeting No.1

Apparel Axis was situated in Regent Street, London. It was an open plan office overseeing many successful designer outlets - you could tell, these guys were no joke.  

Abbas sold the dreams and ambitions of Rose Noir, and himself as a marketing guru.

Mr Faruk made his reluctance known, it was due to order size (minimum 1000+) and lack of capital.

Abbas pulled off the miracle of charming Mr Faruk and successfully portrayed the Rose Noir brand and vision.

Abbas came back from the meeting, and gave Adrish the download. The founders felt something, as if the strings of fate were pulling them. They then later decided to all meet at Mr Faruk's residence in north west London.

Picture this, Alam Faruk, a well dressed Asian man of Bangladeshi origin who spoke with distinction however, used many "errm's and errr's". He held a positive aura which radiated and was a mine field of experience and intellect. 

Meeting No.2

Mr Faruk showcased his portfolio, his past dealings with named brands who shall remain nameless. This was what the founders were looking for, a man who could walk the walk and talk the talk.

The founders brought the sh*t sample shirt and sob story to Mr Faruk, and on the spot he was able to point out everything wrong with it. Mr Faruk said that was not a shirt, and this led to Mr Miyagi (Mr Faruk) and Daniel (Rose Noir) like relationship (I guess he felt really sorry for them, Sewport being the bullies) - Karate Kid reference. 

Lessons from Mr Faruk: 

1. Know the Materials - Attain many Swatch's (sample fabric) of different yarn counts. Understand the difference. The higher the yarn count the more expensive the material. However, there are more factors to this. Such as the finish on the material and the actual type you are using. 

2. Know the Buttons - Manufacturers dye them to match the fabric (cheap yet simple)

3. Know the Stitching density - Measure the stitching density across different panels per inch. The more the stitches per inch the better the stitch quality. Human eye can spot the difference when less stitches are used per inch.

4. Know the types of Plackets - System in which a double layer of fabric is used to hold buttons and button holes. A French Placket on the other hand, is a seamless finish down the front of a shirt. Each type can be used for different type of shirt designs.

5. Know your Trims and Accessories - Packaging is key - it defines the brand, Build your packaging around the brand and what it defines. The smallest of details will be remembered by the consumer. Define and design the swing tag, branded tissue paper, plastic clip inserts, collar label, wash label, plastic panel inserts to hold the shirts shape and branded poly bag or box.

6. Know The Sizing - Sizing for Rose Noir was key as it stood them apart from the other brands/ competitors. Adrish was able to provide this info from the due diligence he had done from looking at other brand sizing and knowing where he wanted Rose Noir to be. This was also verified by speaking to their target market and knowing what they wanted out of a perfect evening shirt.   

3 - 4 weeks later Mr Faruk invited the two to show them the finished sample and teach them the intricacies of the REAL sample shirt.

It was a navy blue shirt with stretch cotton fabric (97% cotton, 3% elastic), it held matching buttons in French placket, button down collars to add detail, and finished with Rose Noir's logo in gold metallic thread on the left hand side chest region as per their requirements. For Mr Faruk this was a normal day in the office but for the two young lads, it was emotional.

The founders rushed back to Abbas's house later that evening to try the shirt on. As it was Abbas's size (L), so he tried it on. This was the 1st time they saw the whole v-taper and the vision come to life. The shirt sat perfectly around the body to provide ample definition without compromising on style. It was comfortable yet breathable. It truly redefined the meaning of elegance - it was perfect. 

On their behalf, thank you.