Chapter 5 - Instagram 'In-fluencers'

Many apologies, I was too busy for my primary work.


The founders had their stock, a budget for marketing, and a sense of direction.

One Friday afternoon, the founders found themselves at another lounge working themselves to death.

The agenda of the afternoon was to draw up a marketing plan (The best-laid plans of mice and men).


They set the board, the war plan was drawn, now they needed their pieces. The founders were glued to their phones; scrolling through a mountain of square frames in search of their models to be.


The Plan 

Contract micro-influencers to be ambassadors:

  • Provide content on period basis
  • Promote the product and sales
  • Increase brand awareness
  • No two ambassadors can be from the same country (their ambition shows)


Micro-influencer specifications:

  • An individual fits the brand image
  • 10k +/- Instagram followers
  • Budget


Success of the marketing strategy would've been under these conditions:

  • Sales via unique discount codes given to the ambassadors
  • Increase in traffic and following on Social Media platforms
  • Genuine engagement


Outcome from recruitment:

  • 5 ambassadors from various countries and continents
  • 3 month long contracts (minimum)
  • With-in budget


Awfully optimistic right?  The entire plan evolves around too many assumptions (and you know who 'the mother of all f*ck ups' is). The two optimistic lads found a handful of models to work with, the following is their experience.


There are 3 categories of ambassadors:

  1. Some provided minimal content and promotion - Abbas constantly messaging them and trying to get them to do as per contract
  2. Some did as per the contract however, Rose Noir received below par content
  3. Some provided excellent content but no transition into promoting / sales had more robot followers than real people.....

    Lessons Learned


    Following on from this marketing campaign the founders learnt that at the time that their competitors were using models with a very high number of followers and still continue to do so, but with that comes higher costs (these people's rates are the top 5th percentile within the niche). However, you must do your due-diligence prior to signing someone on. Check their engagements and make sure they are genuine - bots do not bring sales neither do they bring engagements to your brand. We use the site below to check how genuine a influencer truly is, why not give it a go yourself:

    Brands try get big names however, that is not always a necessity at the start. Try attaining 'micro' influencers - someone within the range of 5k to 20k following. They will work harder for you and bring way more to the table than any top notch model will.


    Aim of the game initially is to save money and try build organically at the start. Try find influencers who genuinely like the brand and product. These ambassadors in turn will automatically will promote for free this was yet another lesson learnt:


    "The real value in influencers is in creating stronger brand awareness within your niche market - idea is to cast a bigger net to reach to as many people as possible. Its not about the sales." - Adrish Ahmed CEO / Co-Founder of Rose Noir Clothing