Rose Noir is a leading formal wear brand specialising in men’s slim fit shirts. Centred around the ideology that having a good physique should not hinder you from dressing well.

Founded in 2016 by Adrish Ahmad & Abbas Khan, with the intent of mixing both smart and functional wear together. By doing so we deliver to you our mission statement – Redefine Elegance.

The Vision

The idea started from not being able to find the right size, the right fit nor the right feel of a shirt. Our hard work at the gym shouldn’t go unnoticed because our shirts aren’t the right size or fit. Hence why, we have created shirts that will accentuate your broad upper body and slim waistline without sacrificing stretch, durability or comfort.

The Outcome

Each shirt is hand packed and tested for its quality, making sure we are providing products which you will be satisfied with. Our shirts are nothing you will find on the high street, each size is constructed after many months of due diligence and testing on many men of varying physiques. Our high performance material is anti-shrink, moisture wicking and most importantly durable, ideal for day to day wear. And the Fit… just perfect.

Don’t let your physique stop you from dressing smart. We don’t believe in compromise, nor should you.

Adrish Ahmad & Abbas Khan
Rose Noir | Co-Founders